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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Was Twilight Plagiarized

Recently an author by the name of Jordan Scott made a statement that the author of Twilight Stephenie Meyer plagiarized his book "The Noctume" The reasons his lawyer used was

■Both novels have wedding scenes featuring lots of garlands and braids;
■Both novels have sex scenes that are set on the beach, during which moments are described as “perfect” and the hero calls the heroine “beautiful”;
■Both novels feature nightmares with black figures in them;
■Both novels feature the hero feeling loving toward the heroine upon the discovery that she is pregnant with his child;
■Both novels have a scene where the hero and heroine decide to name their child something unbearably stupid. In “Breaking Dawn,” the stupid name is Renesmee. In “The Nocturne,” it’s Requiem.
■In both novels, the heroine basically dies during childbirth;
■In both novels, the hero thinks his newborn child is perfect; and
■In both novels, the hero uses “love” as a term of endearment for the heroine

The judge ruling over the case determined that it was not plagiarism but rather that it was the traits that many romance stories shared.

source week in rewind