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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Story Tots Review

One thing that I do different than most people is that I love to deem my children with odd names. For instance my daughter who just graduated highschool has the name of Krystina. Yes, every one has trouble spelling it and we can never find it on any personalied items that are available at gift shops. When my daughter deemed the name of Katelynn on my granddaughter I had no idea that she would have such trouble finding personalized items for her as well. You see we name our child great names (we think) that are not like any other name. This leads to lots of problems such as misspelling as well as never being able to find their name in print. However, that has all changed with great groups such as Story Tots. YEAH!!!!!!!

Story Tots allows your child to be the main character in their very own story book. Imagine reading about your child as a princess as we did, as the hero, or the super figure. These books are great and help build self esteem in the little ones. Building self esteem in any fashion can be quite hard to do because growing up is often hard to do. So why not start early while they are still little by creating a book where they are the featured star allows them to be proud of theirself. Story Tots books are great gifts for birthdays, holidays or just for a special prize for doing something great.

Reading is a building fundamental and if the book is entertaining then reading becomes something that the child wants to do. Can you imagine your child reading about him or her self? well I can I see them getting so into the book that they truly enjoying it. I need to tell you a little story about my son who is a big football player and when we received the book for my granddaughter. I showed it to him and we began a rather different but great conversation. You see my son helped me develop the character. One of the great things about the wonderful Story Tots company is that they allow you the consumer to create the character based on some established looks. So when we saw the little girl that we designed in the Story Tots book he was very pleased. Then just to show him what the book sounded like with our granddaughter as the main character he loved it. We ended up reading the entire book. In my opinion if the book held a junior in highschool attention then a child reading about their self will love it and spend the time to read it.

Buy: you can purchase the Story Tot book from their website.

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