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Thursday, June 4, 2009

JoAnn Huth Transfer Bag


If you are anything like me you want to look your best when you are out and about. One thing that I find me and my daughters share in common is that we have tons of purses. Because of this we often change purses. The one set back to this is because when you change purses you must totally empty one purse to place in another. This chore will have to be done no more if you own a transfer bag by JoAnn Huth. You may ask me what a transfer purse is I will tell you that a transfer purse is like an ingenious item that I just recently located.

The great Transfer Bag allows you to not worry about losing a thing when switching purses. With its numerous pockets and the manner in which it is created you will fall in love with the great Transfer Bag. JoAnn Huth has great experience of creating bags for business women that are stylish and loved. If you are like me you have the tendency of having a messy purse only to clean it up to allow it to get messy again. If you are tired of looking in your purse for those keys, pen, etc.... and having to take the time to search for it then you will also love the transfer purse. The Transfer Bag will help you keep organized as well. For busy moms I know this something that we all can use a bit more help with being organized. With that respect comfort has met style in the Transfer bag.

I was surprised at the appearance of the Transfer Bag when I received it. I loved it. It looks as if it could be a stand alone bag by itself. The Transfer Bag is available in 3 different sizes with a great variety of styles and colors. I received the transfer bag in the silver color. It was a lovely color and held great style and fashion by itself. It was meant to go inside of a bag but I am her to say it is very useful as the inside of a purse but stylish enough that if you just need a little bag to pull out of that larger bag and take the transfer bag with you.

The Transfer Bag would make a great present for you or for someone else. Have a best friend that needs a little help with organization give her the Transfer Bag she will love it.

Buy: you can purchase the Transfer Bag at the JoAnn Huth Collection website.


  1. very clever... more like why didn't i think of that before

  2. this sounds really really useful! i'm goingto look into it!! thanks!!


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