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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Gratituesday is a meme hosted by the
blog heavenly homemakers and allows us to share what we are grateful for. Ther is so much to be grateful for in our lives that making a list would take forever so I would love to share just a few of them with you on my blog.
To start with my list would include the fact that school is over with the last day being tommorow. I love my children and want them to be home with me. I also love the fact that with the end of school comes the beginning of a few other things that they love. They love swimming and weight lifting. Both of these will be in high volume when summer begins. My son will begin to start working out for the upcoming football season. I am so happy that my children are active and love to do active things. I hope that all will continue on as they grow older.
Everyone has something to be thankful for. DO you want to share yours or read others? Head over to the blog Heavenly Homemakers


  1. We still have a few days until school lets out here. The kids can't wait.

  2. What a sweet post! I love to have my kids home with me, too!

  3. How fun!

    School doesn't end here until the end of June. Since my oldest is only in preschool, the end of school isn't a big milestone for us yet.

  4. Excellent post...glad you enjoy having your kids with ya :) I'm very grateful for my family and friends always :)


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