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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

monday menu plan

This week we have been playing clean out fridge, cabinets in order to make meals and make room for first of year cooking. I am learning lots of new tips from the blogs I visit.

Wednsday will be buffet of sorts
cocktail wieners
cocktail meatballs
moz sticks
peppermint bark
cookie tray
rice bark treats
crackers with cheese
soda pop (treat since we only have on birthdays and holidays)

Thursday New Years Day
ham and beans
desserts not sure what yet

ham and eggs (make use of leftover ham)
ham sandwiches
ham scallop potato casserole

snowy trail mix
leftovers if any (you know me I will find some)
chilli cheese casserole and cornbread

pizza rolls
shepherds pie, salad and brownies

Then we get to start all over again. We are on diets here and trying to loose weight me for diabetic and health reasons, my husband because of heart/ weight problems. YOu know were once fit young and now if you look at us you could not see that we need to get back to that.

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