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Monday, December 29, 2008

The blog Speaking from the Heart has started a new meme. One that I believe I will love. This is what she wrote about the new meme that she is starting up

Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have heard so many wonderful
stories about my ancestors. There were also stories about my childhood, which I
totally had forgotten. I have made a mental note of each story and have every
intentions of documenting it. In order to help me in this area, I have decided
to blog a weekly story about my ancestors,and about my childhood. I want to have
these stories written down, before my memory escapes from me, and to leave a
legacy for my children and for future generations.

I wanted to share with you about my Grandmothers christmas tree. This tree was always special to me. You see my grandmother lived in the country and would go out and cut down her own christmas tree. Because she did it herself this tree was always a bit small. It stood about 3 feet tall at the most and boy did she decorate it with lights and ornaments. After my grandfathers death things changed and these little trees changed into an artificial tree that was still quite cute and neat but not the same. My grandmother seemed to change little things in her life never making a broad change but ones that always fit together somehow. I loved her because she was so frugal but never let on. My parents have often said that I am alot like her and I consider that a compliment knowing what type of lady she was. I loved her and I am sure you will being hearing lots more about her.


  1. Annie,

    Thank you for joining "Remember When..." Your grandmother sounds like an awesome lady.


  2. Beautiful. I think this meme is a great idea and will be joining in this coming Sunday!

    Happy New Year!


  3. Annie,

    I enjoyed your Remember When post and have also joined the meme. Drop by if you have a chance. I think this is going to be fun. I always like to hear stories about the people that went before us.



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