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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

gratituesday reflection on 2008

Looking back on 2008 I would like to list the great things that happened and thank God for carrying us through the times when it wasnt that great. I became a grandmother in September but also lost our business in October. I saw my son play football and love it going to the playoffs but also saw them loose and the seniors to look defeated. I believe that for every valley God will provide a mountian and it is for this reason that I dream of 2009 where God will carry us through the goods and the bads and be there when we are full of joy or feel lonely. It is 2009 where things will come to an end where my daughter will graduate highschool, my son will graduate from jr college and move on to university, where my middle son will play his last year of highschool sports and where new begginings will happen as well such as my nephew begins kindergarten, my daughter will find herself going back to school or work, where my middle daughter will begin college and where my grandbaby will turn a year old. Thank God that no matter where or what we do he will be there for us all.

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