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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Save The Koala

 Koalas are marsupials. Their closest animal is wombat

Koalas have been known as sloth's, monkeys, bears and even monkey bears. In fact it is still quite common to hear a koala referred to as a koala bear. Many have called it a bear because of its stocky build and long legs bear like appearance.

While the koala is considered to be lazy it has been known to climb a 150 food Eucalyptus tree Koalas are quick tempered and very muscular with a pouch. Koalas live near eucalyptus trees where they obtain their water from the leaves.
Koalas also lounge in trees during the day and stay up dining on the tree leaves during the night.

Koalas have grey and white fur and feet that are adapted for tree climbing with thumbs on all four feet and sharp claws.

The number of koalas in the world have been decreasing in number. Climate change and a degraded environment are two of the main contributions for this decreasing number. September is Save the Koala Month it is a chance to bring awareness to the fact that the koala number is decreasing.

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