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Monday, September 24, 2018

Be Sure To Wash Hands

Alcohol based hand sanitizer does not do the job of getting hands clean as good old soap and water. While sanitizer kills most of the bad germs that can make someone sick it does not kill all. Alcohol sanitizer is often more effective and less drying than using soap and water and does not create antibiotic resistant superbugs. So you take the good... you take the bad.... and you end up with clean hands.

Good hygiene is important to everyone from health care professionals to school children. Nearly 80% of infections are spread by touch but only 30% of people use soap while washing hands. Both the WHO and Centre of Diseases and Control recommend most effective and often the most underappreciated method to fight infections is through proper hand washing routine.

***********Most individuals only wash their hands for *********
***********    around 10 seconds. This short period of time ******
***********  does not remove all bacteria that could be present *****

Good hand - washing technique should include the following :

  • wash hands for 30 seconds                                                                                 
  • if there is no water available then use sanitizer                                                     
  • Do not touch your face as many infections are spread by touch and enter your system through your eyes, nose or mouth

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