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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Benefits of Classical Music

During the month of September I have shared with you some of my favorite classical music composers. In this post I want to tell you how this smooth music can also help you with health issues. While we listen to and enjoy the pleasant background noise it could be helping us become smarter, healthier and even get a good night of sleep.

The readers digest published a story that shared how Classical music could be just what the doctor ordered. Studies have suggested that those who listen to classical music may have significantly lower blood pressure than others. Reasoning is that listening to music may help your heart recover from stress thus lowering blood pressure levels.

For those that struggle with sleep classical music may be just what they are looking for. A study that looked into sleep disorders found that when they fell asleep to classical music slept better than others. The regular rhythm, low pitches, and tranquil melodies all help offer a better sleep quality.

Mozart's sonata was put to a test when participants of a study were asked to listen to 10 minutes of it a day. Following the 10 minutes subjects were found to be smarter than before the listening to the music. This phenomenon was known as the "Mozart Effect"

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