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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Yoga For The Family

Family yoga is a great way to help your family bond. No matter the size of your family whether it is just your husband and you or you have children to include. Family yoga is good for:

  • spend uninterrupted time together with no distractions of phones, T.V. or computers
  • a great way to connect as a family in a great quality healthy manner
  • Yoga is a great tool for staying calm and centered in your every day lives

To start with try some slow breathing methods with those in your family.
With all members sitting on the floor in a line or circle each member should have shoulders relaxed and chests open. Allow hands to rest on thighs with palms up. or sit with your left hand on your heart and the right hand on the back of the person to the right of you. With eyes closed practice breathing slow and silently through your nose for a few minutes.

Yoga will allow family members to reduce stress. Yoga can help the family maintain proper and manners with good attitude by thinking about the poses in yoga. Acknowledging the value of connection of the person to everything and everyone should allow the family to build compassion for each other. This should help parents by allowing their guidance to influence child's behavior and actions.

 Another quality of yoga is building trust. Yoga can help the family build trust between kids and parents. Yoga also helps teach acceptance as some poses are easier there are others that are hard. Life is the same way with challenges being different than others. Teaching our children to honor their bodies and their abilities will allow acceptance rather than comparison to others

As the family progresses into skills of yoga a good basis of encouragement and support is built. Yoga is not judged through scores and performances but is a great time to have fun without any expectations. This allows team work to be built. In the end time for family becomes a dedication that we want to do. Happy memories will be created through great yoga experiences.

Yoga demands focus and attention that will allow the family to stay determined and patient to meet goals. Keeping a positive attitude will help each family member to have a more positive outlook in life because of their experiences from sessions. Children observing parents making mistakes will allow them to see that it is ok to make errors.

In the end Yoga helps build character in every family member

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