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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Go Skateboarding Day

As a kid I was able to see many great times and have lots of fun One thing I loved to do was to go skateboarding. I had a couple of friends that would come home to see their grandparents every summer. They lived in California where skateboarding ruled.

Go Skateboarding Day is an official annual holiday created by the International Association of Skateboard Companies. The day is used to help promote skateboarding. Dan Brown created the special day in 2004 to be hosted on June 21st  the longest day of summer. In 2006 Go Skateboarding day was held in more than 32 countries with total of 350 events. Congress-woman Loretta Sanchez helped recognize the sport of skateboarding on this special day. The goal was to help encourage young individuals to get outside and enjoy the spot.

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