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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Birthday for Twins

This famous set of twins is celebrating a birthday. Having spanned a length of time reaching from my daughter in her 20's age group to my grand-daughters age group. Many girls like the several in our family have loved the Olson Twins since they were young.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were born June 13th , 1986. While they are each known seperately for the most part many simply know them as the Olsen twins. Both girls were childhood actresses debuting as infants in the T.V. show Full House. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen starred on T.V. , films and video projects. They started young and continued to work into adult hood. The duo is listed on the list of wealthiest women in entertainment industry at young age.

Sherman Oaks, California the twins hometown is where the twins and their parents Dave and Jamie started out. The girls are not true identical twins, but many do not realize this. The twins and their parents are only part of the family as there are several other siblings. The Olsens would divorce in 1995

The twins started acting at less than a year of age. The star role was Michelle Tanner on ABC sitcom Full House. For the next 8 years the twins would become well known as the youngest Tanner girl Michelle. During those years the twins would appear in films and videos as well as on T.V. Some videos included Double Trouble, Toil and Trouble and How The West was Fun. In 1994 a series of mystery videos featuring the twins went by the titles Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley would span a 3 year run. That would not be the end of their videos as in 1995 a new video series was introduced and would span unit 2000

The girls would appear in a great variety of shows as well as host a fan club. The club which offered members collectibles and photos would end in 2000 During the late 1990s and early 2000s the twins were popular figures for preteen girls. Not only would they appear on movies and videos but on clothes, shoes, purses, hats, books , CDs and the list goes on .... When the girls turned 18 they became co-presidents of the company that they created.

The twins entered the fashion world with many fashion choices. Mary Kate has become known as a fashion icon for pioneering her "homeless" look. Over size sunglasses, boots, loose sweaters and flowing skirts mixed n with high and low end pieces. The clothing line was created for girls 4-14 and sold at Wal-Mart A separate couture fashion label known as The Row, a clothing line at J.C. Penny called Olsenboys and a tee line called Stylemint. 

Ashley Olsen has since retired from acting. Mary Kate still continues to appear in sitcoms such as "weeds" and films. The twins net worth as of April 2017 was staggering $400 million. 

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