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Monday, January 1, 2018

How To Cure that Dreaded Hangover

So you welcomed the New Year in and you may have did a little too much partying. What do you do now?? Carrying a hangover from too much fun the night before may leave you feeling extra tired, with an extreme headache with nausea, dizziness and a sensitivity to light or sound. It may be too late to say this but next time perhaps you should think about not drinking too much alcohol.

When the party is over make sure you have time to get plenty of sleep. Sleep may not stop a hangover but it has been shown that they can help slow or ease the symptoms of a hangover. In addition beware of caffeine, many that have to sober up quickly rely on coffee but this may not be the best choice. Caffeine will make headache from hangover worst.

Hydration has a lot to do with how much of a hangover is present. Alcohol naturally makes ones bladder work over time which leads to electrolytes and dehydration to take place. In addition drinking too much can lead to one feeling sick and vomiting One good way to try to ensure you do not get dehydrated is to drink a bit of water between each drink you have.

Eating can help a hangover as well. You may not feel like eating much but just like food can help your cold when not feeling well it will help the hangover as well. Take a walk to go get something to eat and you can help yourself in more than one way. First the exercise will get your blood to pumping and the food will help smooth your stomach as well. Don't forget about getting a shower after sleeping and eating as the shower will help you wake up as well

What is your remedy for hangover??

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