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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Preparing Furnace For Winter

It's the end of October and fall has finally arrived. While I am not sure what your weather is I can tell you to rest assured that it is super cool here and the weather is starting to move the way of winter. It won't be no time before we will be turning the furnace of the house on. But first we will make sure that it is ready to heat the house and do it safely.

Preventative maintenance can help the heating system working longer and more efficiently. If we find anything that needs repaired it is a good thing to do so now than in the middle of a cold winter. Another great reason to get the oven checked is to try to cut down on costly utility bills.

A general inspection consisting of  cleaning out any residue and black soot, inspecting duct work, looking for any loose connections or gaps at branching points. Any openings should be sealed with metal duct tape. This should all be done with the oven turned off.

Ensure that there are no items around the base of the furnace or sides. Airflow should not be obstructed to the unit. If you have stored any cleaning products or used the furnace room for storage before turning the furnace on it should all be cleared.

There are other steps that I often leave up to a professional. I do what I can and then I let the pro take over. Making sure they can get to check your furnace etc... is what we can always do.

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  1. Although we don't have a furnace to maintain, you offer valuable information on preventive maintenance and safety concerns.
    We'll be turning our heating on tonight, it's dropping fast in the lower states...
    Stay warm !

  2. Shutting down the furnace unit before cleaning and maintenance always helps out. Nice tips given above. Heating and Cooling Mississauga

  3. These tips for heater diagnostics are kinda helpful. Thanks for sharing the article.
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