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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mini Caramel Apples

3 large Granny Smith apples
18 sucker sticks
1½ cups caramel baking bits or caramel chews of choice
1 tablespoon heavy cream
Optional Toppings: crushed nuts, crushed cookies, sprinkles

Peel apples.
Using a melon baller, scoop out apple balls.
Insert the sucker stick into the apple. Be careful not to puncture the stick through the other end.
In a small pot add caramel baking bits and heavy cream.
Melt over low heat, stirring constantly until completely melted.
Fill a small bowl with icy water. Set aside.
Thoroughly dry the apple with a paper towel to remove excess moisture from the surface.
Dip the apple into the mixture, swirling to coat and being sure to get the caramel on the stick a little. This will help keep out the water on the next step.
Immediately dip the caramel apple into the icy water for a few second to quick set the caramel.
Dry the caramel off gently with a paper towels.
Press the top of the caramel apple into desired topping if using.
Place caramel apple into the fridge or freezer to finish setting.
Remove from fridge of freezer.
Repeat with all the mini caramel apples.

Do get the caramel down the stick about ¼ of an inch to create a seal so the water won't seep in.
Be sure the water is super, duper cold and icey.
Only dip the caramel into the water for a few minutes. You want a soft set, not a rock hard one.
Gently dry the caramels off with a paper towel when they come out of the water OR place them right into the fridge or freezer.
Be sure to squeeze the apple balls in a paper towel to remove the excess moisture BEFORE placing into the caramel. If caramel doesn't cling to the apple then you did not dry it off enough.

recipe resource : Divas Can Cook

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  1. These are adorable - I didn't realize from the photo that they are mini size melon balls. how clever and practical. Who can eat a full caramel apple??


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