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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cuckoo Warning Day

Did it rain today where you are at?? There is a reason I am asking. Today is Cuckoo Warning Day. While cuckoos tell great time they do one other thing, they warn of wet summers. If you hear a cuckoo on this day, the first day of summer, your summer will be a wet one. 

Yes, it does sound like the groundhog day warning. Like groundhog day this day started many years ago in the middle ages. Europeans have always had the belief that if cuckoo sing on the first day of summer then the summer will be a wet one. 

Cuckoo Trivia

Did you know that roadrunners belong to the cuckoo family. 
Cuckoo birds will lay their eggs in other birds' nests and let those birds take care of the cuckoo chicks The chicks of cuckoo birds are no better behaved as they will demand care and kick the parent's real chicks out of the nest
Europeans most likely enjoy hearing the first calls of the cuckoo bird as it is thought to be a sign that spring has arrived. 
Male cuckoos make the recognizable call but females do not as their calls are different and quieter. 

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