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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Single Parent Day We Salute All Single Parents

In the many years I have been a parent  have always had a partner. Perhaps there were times that he was not present to help but always there to listen to me and offer advice. Single mothers do it every day, taking care of kids, running the house, fixing the meals and everything else that  may be needed done.

It's a hard job to the only person your children can come to for transport, affection, advice , homework help, and money. Doing the shopping, cooking, cleaning and home maintenance by yourself takes a lot of energy Yet you should not allow your self to be nagging or grumpy as your family needs you. I am not sure how single parents do it as I could not. Wtth out my husband I would be lost

The 2010 census showed that percentage of single father headed households with kids increased 27% in the decade from 2000 to 2010. Percentage of single mother headed households rose as well in that time period

There are lots of reasons why someone may raise their children alone. Whatever the reason s rest assured what they all have in common is the hard work that one must put into to care for their children. I for one would like to salute all single parent led families. The long hours you put into and the hard work you put into raising your kids on your own.


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