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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pins and Needles

Most of us have felt it before the pins and needles after your foot goes to sleep or you bang your elbow (funny bone). The pins and needles formally known as paraesthesia occurs when the body's nerves are restricted by blood supply. When nerves are deprived they do not get the oxygen or energy that is needed. In return nerves send a signal to your brain that results in numbness and goes away after a period of overwhelming tingling.

The tingling is caused when nerves are suddenly given access to blood again. The nerves try to re-start and the brain interprets the feeling as pins and needles. The feeling of pins and needles does not last long, maybe a minute or two but there are cases that the tingling sensation can stay for days. This is how a person with major nerve damage, has tumor pressing on nerves or has a nervous system disorder feels. 

Some quick ways to get rid of the tingling is to move body position, stand up, and walk. Other ways to help prevent the tingling sensation is to wear shoes that properly fit, warm foot bath, foot and leg massages, and / or join a yoga class. However, if the numbness is consistent you should visit your doctor to see what can be done, A specialist may be needed if a health condition is causing the issue. 

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