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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Do you Know METH

November 30th has been declared National Methamphetamine Awareness Day. As a part of the nationwide effort to further educate the American public about the effects of meth abuse on families and communities. Increasing awareness and decrease demand of the highly addictive drug. Our family was hit by the effects of Meth in the past couple of years. I learned much about meth that I had no idea of. Perhaps educating individuals of what to look for the effect and the number of families affected would not happen. 

Science has shown that even using crystal meth just once will make a person feel hooked. A survey conducted showed that one out of every 6 young adults has used illicit drugs in the last month. During meth awareness  prevention messages to potential meth users as well as to educate current users about programs that are available to them. 

There are many street names that Meth goes by: 
meth and crystal meth

There are no certain types of Meth user. It affects all races, economic status and genders. 

Meth is either white or yellow chrystalline powder. Sometimes it can be found in the form of a large hard rock. Meth has no odor and has a bitter taste or no taste at all. 

Methamphetamine is taken in a variety of ways. It can be eaten, smoked, snorted, or taken through an injection. The effect the user gets depends on how it is used. Smoking or injecting will offer strong sensations resembling a "rush". It does not last more than a few minutes. Snorthing or swallowing meth will offer a feeling of temporary euphoria. Users after will be more talkative and confident, at times though the user may become paranoid, aggresive and agitated. 

After taking just a small amount of meth may produce short term side effects:
  • nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • increased respiration
  • irritability
  • confusion
  • tremors and convulsions
  • anxiety and paranoia
  • stroke
  • death

The long-term effects of meth are even more serious than the short-term ones and include: 
  • amphetamine psychosis
  • extreme paranoia and hallucinations
  • sensations of insects crawling under the skin and obsessive scratching
  • violent behavior
  • strokes
  • irregular heartbeat and heart attack
  • seizures
  • death
Meth users often find their selves unable to stop the reason is that Meth is highly addictive. The needed amount will grow as well the longer the user uses. Some users will deprive their selves of food and sleep in order to taking the drug. If a user does stop they enter withdrawel with symptoms of stomach cramps, intense hunger, headaches, shortness of breath, exhaustion, and severe depression, 

Now that you are armed with information that I did not know when we faced Meth in our family I pray that you will be able to help someone needing help. 

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