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Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday did you go

Did you go?? Where you may ask?? Anywhere that black Friday deals can be found. I have went in the past but this year because I had to work I did not go to the stores but rather tried online. I got a few good deals was not as exciting but all in all I did find some great deals. If I am able to and choose to attend the Black Friday sales at the stores next year there are a few things that I will try to do and not do

First, have a plan of how much you will spend and just because the crowds will be full and the temptation is for real you can do it. You can stick to your plan of what to buy and mind you budget as well. Spending too much and going in debt because of this one shopping day is not worth it. I have heard stories of others paying off the debt over the next year.

Last year I had an issue with an employee and one of the sales. She was delibertly trying to tell me that I could not get what I wanted and was trying to limit the amount, There was no limit and I knew it so I went to ask the manager who quickly fixed this issue. While workers are understandably under stress and may not have the time to do all they normally do on most days stand up for yourself and if you have questions ask those in charge. NO need for debates or stress

While the shopping night may be a bit crazy and the crowds terrible you should still be respectful. Talk and say hi, the night will be more pleasant for you as well as those around you.

Remember to have fun, its a great day to find awesome deals. Such a great day to enjoy yourself and share with those you love and shopping for all those on your list


  1. No I never go out on Black Friday but for the first time ever I went to Target on Thanksgiving evening because of a great deal on DVD's and I love my movies!!!

  2. Hope you found some good ones those deals are amazing but the crowds are as well
    thanks for stopping by


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