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Saturday, July 30, 2016

International Day of Friendship

The news today reports of many sad and unhappy things. It seems the world is uneasy and no one is very happy. The world today is simply filled with to much hatred and fighting. July 30th is always the international Day of Friendship. It is an opportunity to stop, reverse the world wide problems.

The United Nations sponsors the International Day of Friendship. It is a way of promoting friendship among people, cultures and countries. Making efforts towards peace and building bridges toward future friends are always worth celebrating.

Do your part today and make a friend. Reach out to a family member or sibling, neighbor or old friend who you had a falling out with. See if there is any way to make it up so that the friendship can resume. Trying just a little will help do your part of making the world a friendlier more peaceful place.

Friendship Day celebrations occur on different dates around the world. It was on April 27 July 2011 that the United Nations declared July 30th to be the official International Friendship Day. The day encourages young people to grow toward being our future leaders. The United Nations encourages governments, organizations, and civil society groups to hold events.

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