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Friday, June 19, 2015

Preparing Students for Real Life before college

A few weeks ago we saw many young people graduate from high school. Now that they get ready to head off to college there are a few things that they need to prepare for or gain knowledge of doing

If they have never done their laundry before (lets hope that mom has all ready had a few lessons) then they should gain knowledge of how to do their own laundry. College students while busy should do their laundry at least one time a week. By doing so the chance of running out of clean clothes will be limited Simple lessons such as sorting clothes, pre-treating when needed and reading special directions on clothing tags are all lessons that will come in handy. Lessons learned the hard way can be costly.

While parents will no longer be there to remind students to clean their rooms the best advice is for students to do it anyways. Students who are organized will do better. Creating a daily schedule can reduce student stress and make the college years more successful

Financial responsibility is very important as well. Mom and dad are not there to loan a few dollars and students can rack up so much debt in college years that it is very important to try their best to stay on top of financial sorts. Rent, food and bills are no longer the responsibility of someone else it now becomes the students. Budgeting becomes very important tool in this stressful time. It is the first time the student is going away and to be responsible for self it is best if parent has a talk and keeps up with what is going on.

Often there is not a lot of time or means to cook a meal so meals will need to be simple and easy to prepare. Help your child form a shopping list and create a meal plan. the good thing is that many colleges have meals built into the room and board of dorms.
Gifting students with the knowledge that college is stressful but that they can do it is very important. The student will learn responsibility, mature and gain an understanding of how life really is. Scheduling in time to study will help students be prepared for class work, test and special projects.
Life is different than it was when parents attended. Social media has become a resource as well as a gathering spot. Teach kids to responsibly use social media and that what they place on the internet others can see it. The future of what may of been can change because of social media responsibilities.
Reach out to professors when in need they are there to help. They have knowledge about college related issues, study related information, and information of what classes need taken etc...
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