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Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Barefoot Day

While you have heard all about the reasons we should wear shoe for protection and support check out these reasons that help support going barefoot

walk lighter without shoes as you walk without shoes you walk lighter as you feel the ground more. The ball of the of the foot hits the ground rather than the heels of your foot. This helps both joints and muscles which could mean less injuries

Injuries would heal quicker and muscle tone would increase. Without shoes we must learn to balance our selves. Our Abs and back works together to create a wall of strength in our midsection. Our legs will have better tone and balance as they will have the job of support.

Tripping, falling ,twisting would be less often. The truth is walking barefoot would make us more aware of where we are and our surrounding. Going barefoot would help awaken the nerve stream between our feet and brain helping us with balancing our bodies.

Going barefoot would make our feet stronger. Lower the amount of pain in our feet, help eliminate bunion and straighten our toes often caused by shoes. Strong feet would lead to our lower legs being strong as well.

Studies have often shown that going barefoot helps reduce your blood pressure and cortisol stress levels. Going barefoot will also help to create better posture as our feet gain strength.


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