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Monday, June 1, 2015

Dare To Read On

I find it funny how time has changed through out my life fads and things to do have changed. When I was a pre-teen I can remember sitting around hanging out with my sister who was 4 years older than me. My sister and her friends would sit around talking , singing and playing games. One game I remember is Truth or Dare. Oh my when I got in on it I nearly always tried to tell the truth. Dares were terrible like drinking muddy water or eating a bug.

Dare Day celebrated June 1st each year becomes a day to dare yourself and someone you know. It can be used to build self esteem as well as to build fun for daredevils. Dares come in all forms and are limitless in what one can dare someone else to do. Pranks, challenges, or even meeting a goal you have all fit the bill. It is always best to be safe, do it legally and have lots of fun.

Perhaps the most important dare though is to D.A.R.E someone to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

 I dare you to get out there and have a great day and make at least one other person smile

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