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Sunday, May 31, 2015

National Fishing Week

I was lucky enough to be blessed with adults who taught me many things in life. Work hard and do your best to relax and enjoy life. I went on many a fishing trips many times not catching a thing but still enjoying all the fun. The season is right and if you all ready enjoy the sport of fishing then you should try to share that love and take a little someone with you the next time you go out to catch a mess.

Tips for Fishing with Kids

Chooing the right equipment is the best place to start a rod and real that is easy to use will make the experience special. Hooks that are a bit larger are easier to learn to use but will not get the same kind of bite or attention from fish at the same time a smaller hook does not work well either

A light line with 6 lbs test line or less works best Use small bobbers as well like slip bobbers thatwill cut down on amount of line needed and are easier to cast. Use bait such as worms, moths, or crickets work best.

Most importantly remember to have fun and enjoy the time together


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