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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Honest is important

To me there is nothing more innocent or honest than a child. Honesty is a virtue and like all vitues it can be emphasized  and put a importance for your child. Telling lies, cheating and other demeaning behaviors are learned often from their environment. Children learn what they see and are exposed to. It is very important to set a good example for any child that is in your life.

The old saying do as I do not as I say is not a proverb that one should live by. It is important to be honest with our children. There may have to be some truths omitted depending on age and maturity level. Demonstrating a self respect honest and ethical life style is one that children will come to know, admire an follow.

Talk to your child in a manner that is not one to shame your child when they are in trouble will help stop the need to hide truths or for them to feel the need to fib or lie. Morals also help bring the lesson home rather than shaming them making them feel as if they need to tell a lie. .

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