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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A to Z challenge Girl became Bride

Don't you just love those smiling faces. Those are the faces that we saw right before the wedding. They were so happy and I am sure did not know what to expect or that my baby girl was going to marry the man that she loves so very much. Perhaps that is something to smile about and at the same time just a bit sad as well. She was my girl from the time she was born and the times that her asthma would make her very smart. She was my girl who was rotten and strong and smart. I know many of you are still saying that she is my girl still. That is the truth but for that short moment she was not only my girl but his bride.

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  1. She is still your girl............and true she is his bride and she will have to make him first
    place in her life now, but you have also gained a Son. Your love for one another will still
    be there, and I have found I relate to my married daughter even better now, and our relationship is better than take heart!!
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. he definitely is my son now and yes my daughter and my relationship is one that has always been awesome and now we have even more to talk about. Thank you for visiting and sharing a comment

  2. I have a girl too and one day she won,t be mine. Yet she is so mine now.... all of her...
    Nice post...

    1. thank you for visiting and commenting our girls grow up so fast hold onto her while she is young and give her lots o love for one day she will hopefully find that special someone that she will share her life with as well

  3. Sometimes, though, I think the girls will return to their moms faster than the boys will. I'm hoping that isn't true because I don't have any girls, just boys.

    1. I have been blessed to have both boys and girls and I think that the boys will always need mom as much as girls
      thanks for coming to visit and leaving a comment

  4. Hi Angie....
    Visiting from PineRidge Hills....congrats! what a beautiful family.....I have four "Grands" myself and love to spoil them silly! My oldest daughter is getting married this September, second time round, to a wonderful man with three of his own! So now I will have three more Grands to spoil!

    Country Hugs,

  5. Beautiful Post. Thank you for sharing with us at Brag About It!


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