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Monday, January 5, 2015

Help Feed our Feathered Friends --- National Bird Day

Today is the 13th annual National Bird Day. Birds provide a natural beauty in both song and flight. They are the inspiration of many humans in poem, song and art. Today more than ever 12 percent of the world's 9,800 bird species may face extinction in the next century. One of my favorite birds the parrot has 330 species on the list. Reason for extinction are due to the stresses of illegal pet trade, disease and habitat loss. It is through national bird day that the hope of drawing public awareness and education about the physical and behavioral needs of birds can go far in improving the welfare of the millions of  birds kept in captivity. Birds have did so much for us it seems like our duty for the public to be educated and offer support for the conservation and survival and well being of the worlds birds.

Celebrate National Bird Day by offering the birds a special treat that you make for them.

empty toilet paper or paper towel rollspeanut butter
bird seed
ribbon or string for hanging

1. Spread peanut butter onto the roll (it doesn't need to be perfect).

2.  Have the kids roll the toilet paper roll in the birdseed.

3. String a piece of ribbon through the roll.

4. Hang on a tree for the birds to enjoy
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