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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Garden Work at Winter Time

The garden is one place where there is always work to be done. Even with the cold ice and snow there are things you can do to work in your garden.

Snow or ice on trees and shrubs may damage evergreens. You can help to prevent this by brushing the snow or ice gently off. Shaking the branches may cause them to break so this must be done gently. If you find the ice and snow frozen on the branches then it should be allowed to melt to avoid damage.

It is better to have the broken limbs that were broke due to ice and snow removed at once as soon as weather permits. The hanging branches may be a danger to those who pass by. The tree will also be allowed to heal better in the spring if the wound has been cleaned..

Warm spots in the middle of winter where the weather seems to warm up for a few days may awake some plants. You will need to check on the roses to ensure that they are covered properly.

The inside plants that bloom around the holidays will have to be monitored as well. These plants love to be in cool rooms where there is lots of bright sun. Some do better in bright son others not so well so do your research and be aware. It is best to keep these plants out of drafts to keep them in good health.

Winter is the perfect time to scan through the seed catalogs and get your order in. Ordering early will help ensure you get what you want and in the right time.

 With all the work there in the garden to get done the long winter may not seem so long Enjoy your winter and prepare for spring

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