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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Red Velvet Cake

Red Deviled Cake is delicious and oh so perfect for valentine day. The definition of deviled is dark, rich, chocolate, that is stimulating spicy "deviled" Devils food cake has went by many names including red velvet, red devils cake, waldorf Astoria and $100 dollar cake Red velvet cake is a beautiful mild chocolate flavor cake that is starting red. Complemented with a thick white frosting with different regions of the country using different types of frosting.

Red devil cake has at times been criticized for the amount of food dye. The red dye is what gives the delicious cake the reddish brown color. Devils food cake was originally red but normally thought of as dark chocolate. Most red deviled  cakes made today are created with processed cocoa and a touch of red food coloring to create the brownish red color that has been made super. Southern states historically the red velvet cake color would have been made up from beets and cocoa.

History of the Red Velvet Cake
1902 - Devil's food cake was the favorite dessert of the early 1900s. In 1902, the recipe first appeared  in an American cookbook called Mrs. Rorer's New Cook Book by Sarah Tyson Rorer. By 1913, recipes began appearing in cookbooks across America.
1950s - Some people think that this cake originated in the 1950s at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The restaurant archives can’t produce any evidence or records of this, but because this version is so popular, the restaurant likes to take credit for it.
1940s - In the 1940s, a rumor was spread that a customer asked for a copy of the recipe and was given a bill in the amount of $100. According to the rumor, the angry customer, apparently with revenge in mind, then began circulating the recipe along with her story. As with most urban legends, they seem to have a life of their own, creeping through a society one person at a time.
1970s - In the 1970s, the cakes’ popularity faded when red dye was linked to cancer.

A delicious recipe for the Red Velvet (Devils Food Cake) Recipe can be found here

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