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Friday, April 12, 2013

Mealtime with Toddler

we all have had those occasions when meal time has not went as we would have liked it to. The truth is that not every meal with our little ones will be a happy content one but there are things that we can do. A few tips offered by the Illinois extension office in Urbana  may help you be succesful at having a happy family meal time.

Allowing time for the family to sit down and have a conversation is an important step. It seems that the world just seems to get busier and we never have enough time but we must make a bit of time. Having a family sit down meal time offers our warmth, love and security.

Turn o the TV and focus on the meal. Children who share mealtime with their family are more apt to eat and digest the food.

Having the meal ready to eat will keep your child at the table. Waiting leaves us all looking for something to do and this is not good as little ones soon become distracted.

Teaching manners is a good idea but going over the line trying to make a young children sit perfectly still should not be expected and may leave a negative effect  One manner rule that should be enforced is using proper utensils starting with a spoon and adding fork and knife as child gets older. Remember to offer praise when good manners are demonstrated. Positive reaction allows children to know they did good and leaves them wanting to do more.  

Keep mealtime a happy occosian. No arguing or scolding should happen at the table. When you do need to give instruction remember to use a firm voice but no shouting.

I hope these tips help you to maintain  happy family meals , a bit of time that every family needs

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