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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday 9

1) Do you ever suffer the blues during the holidays? 

at times when I think of Christmas's of past and the fun we had with those that are no longer here. I also seem to have the blues when I think of those that I miss because they live farther away from me than I like 
2) More than 18 million visitors have toured Elvis' home, Graceland. Have you ever been there? 

I have had friends that have visited there but never been there myself 
3) Elvis dyed his naturally light brown locks black. Do you dye your hair?

no I have never dyed my hair but my daughters do

4) He also insisted his young girlfriend, Priscilla, dye her hair jet black. If your lover asked you to change your hair, would you? 

that would all depend as I would do something to make him happy if I felt comfortable doing it and agreed about it but I would not do it just because he insisted

5) Elvis served his country at an Army base in Friedberg, Germany. Have you ever been to Germany?

6) Elvis famously had an affair with Ann-Margret during the filming of Viva Las Vegas. Have you ever indulged in a dalliance with a coworker?

well I have worked with  my husband before so if he counts yes I have other wise no 

7) Thinking of his movies ... Elvis was, by and large, unhappy with his film career and once said, "The only thing worse than watching a bad movie is being in one." Are you happy with the way your career is going/has gone?

Yes and no I love what I do for a living yet wish I had more education thus making for a larger paycheck

8) Elvis lost "the battle of the bulge" toward end of his life. Are you happy with your weight?

right now I am have been losing weight and looking pretty fine if I do so myself
9) As a teenager, Elvis worked as an usher at a movie theater. What was your first job?

first job was answering phones in a little office

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss and "looking fine"! :D

  2. I know people with the education making less than others however, I'd never give up my education.

  3. Congratulations and a hearty "atta girl" on the weight loss.

  4. Good job with the weight loss, I keep trying but too much of a sweet tooth. Thanks for visiting.

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