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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday 6

1. N is for NAME: Were you ever tempted to change your name, and if so, which name would you rather have had?

never attempted to change my name always loved it but I do think that the name Nancy sounds special as well

2. N is for NATURE: What do you enjoy most about being in the great outdoors?

I love being outside in every season some seasons I spend more time outside than others but all the same I love it. I would say that my favorite thing about being outside is the wonderful nature in play after all we live in wonderful southern illinois Shawnee forest where there are amazing colors and animals playing

3. N is for NEWSSTAND: If you had to purchase a magazine at a newsstand, which title would you be most likely to buy?
all you is often my magazine of choice 

4. N is for NICKEL: If a president were to replace one of the current presidents on our coins, which one would you like to see immortalized on our currency next?

well my favorite president in my life time was Bill Clinton while I do not feel he should replace a coin president he is my favorite 

5. N is for NOSE: Which aroma from the kitchen is your favorite?
food cooking in the oven like this time of year wonderful pumpkin pie

6. N is for NUT: When you’re ready for a snack, which variety of nut is your favorite?

love cashews

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