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Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday's Music Rock

 love Christmas and this sort of song just seems to get the Christmas popping. Hope you enjoy it as well



  1. Well okay then! That's different, and certainly festive! Yeah, I think that could grow on ya! Good choice. Gonna have to go listen to that one again. Thanks for sharing & playin' along with us.

  2. What a fun Jingle Bell Rock!!

  3. Definitely a fun jingle!
    I haven't yet heard any seasonal music so this is interesting.

    Thanks for rocking!

  4. It's been great fun kicking off the season with a few pre-Christmas tunes this week. This version of Jingle Bell Rock is new to me. It's good to get a music education from our fellow Monday's Music Moves Me party-goers. Thanks for the intro and keep rocking the whole week long!


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