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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book Review The Global Game Changers

I love activities that helps to teach life lessons. Learning is one thing that we will all do through out our entire life times.  I personally love the book Global Game Changers because through the pages of this book it shares ways to help others. Jan and Rachel Annette Helson team up to create a mother and daughter team that helps encourage the imagination of readers. Not only will young readers be inspired but the hopes is that moms of these young readers will be inspired to help motivate their children to do good in the world.

The theme throughout the book is about a couple of superheros that travel around doing good without asking for anything in return. As the duo of super heros travel along they meet up with bad guys such as Krumi who they must fight. The end of the book invites readers to the Global Game Changers interactive web community.

My thoughts:
I loved the book because any book that can challenge our young generation to strive to help others then to me that is a golden opportunity. This book does just that 

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