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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MAM Smile Party

There must be something in the water because the last several years have seen many additions to my family as well as to my friends families. It seems that the celebration of the announcement of a baby being born is so wonderful that it is has become nearly contagious. Recently I was able to host a MAM smile party with the help of ChildsPlay PR. What an awesome idea, we could celebrate all the little ones and learn a bit about caring for their teeth. Since we were planning on celebrating another birth announcement we decided that we would have a party that would help celebrate both.

Our little ones many know as the Princess and Prince Gager. They are my little ones my only grandchildren at this time. I love them so much that I try to care for them in every way and since there have been past dental problems in our family getting them started early caring for their teeth was very important. Both babies were only given the bottle on scheduled times and never took them to bed. Princess was a paci baby and often took it wherever she went. Gager never was a paci baby. Now they are both broke of the paci but dental visits and bills start early in life and the more we know the better off we are

We wanted to share our knowledge and celebrate with friends so we invited them to our house for a Mam Smile, Baby, Smile party to try out some of Mam’s newest oral hygiene products and play some fun games. Everyone had a great time and I believe that we all learned a bit as well Everyone attending the party recieved a gift bag containing each of the following items.

MAM oral care rabbit is an early tool for cleaning gums on the littlest ones. The long ears makes it possible to easily reach to the back as well. It is so cute who would not love the cute little rabbit available in pink or blue. It also aids with sore gums due to teething.

MAM Massaging brush helps to clean baby's first teeth and massage their gums. This is the perfect firt toothbrush and has an extra long handle for mom and baby to hold together for learning.
When they get old enough to do things by theirselves then they are ready for the first brush. The MAM first brush has a short handle that will fit tightly in their hand. Since children learn a lot through imitation then the first brush is perfect for them as they can imitate exactly what they see others do. The rounded head of the brush is perfect for baby's mouth.

The training brush is perfect for baby and mama to use together. The proper technique of how to brush can easily be taught as the handle is long enough for both baby and mama and bristles nicely clean the little ones teeth.

As you can see we all had a great time getting together and learning more about how to take care of our little ones thanks to MAM and ChildsPlay PR.

I am a member of Child’s Play Party and received Mam products in order to host the party.  The thoughts and opinions I shared here on my blog are those of mmy own.

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