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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dr. Scholls High Heel Insoles

When I was younger I loved to wear heels where-ever I went. I felt like a starlet wear heels to the grocery store with my mother, out shopping , to school or any where I went. I started wearing heels when I was in my tweens and now that I have hit that big 40 I no longer have the great ambition. The ambition now is to be comfortable in whatever I wear. That includes avoiding heels whenever possible but there are times that I must wear them or I think it looks better if I do. It is not done with the same pride as when I was young and in fact it is often met with dread. Recently though I had the opportunity to try the Dr Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles. These are gel like in material and have a sticky back. You put them into the bottom of your shoes and they really stay put.

Dr. Scholl's have been trusted for quite some time normally being worn in my work shoes because of the concrete floors I am on for the 8+ hours a day. The help prevent foot pain in both the work shoes an now the high heels. Since I believe that feeling better also makes you look better I love the new heel insoles as I believe they help make me look the best I can. The new insoles for high heels offers an unique ultra soft FabuSTEP gel arch that helps shift the pressure off the ball of the foot. The offer immediate and all day comfort and stays firmly in place. Don't worry yes theres not alot of room in those shoes and Dr. Scholl's high heel insoles are made in a slim design that is nearly invisible as not to make the foot feel tight.

My Thoughts:
As I mentioned Dr. Scholl's insoles have been trusted for quite a bit and love the fact that they are now made for high heels as well. The gel in the insole offers a soothing to the foot feel and were easy to use. 

If you visit Dr Scholl's you can find a $2 off coupon which will help when you purchase (who doesn't like saving money!!) Of course as always you can find these at your local retailer or online at!

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  1. I bought these awhile back when I was forced to where heels and I loved them. I'm going to go and get the coupon. Thanks for sharing.


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