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Saturday, June 9, 2012

have a Beautiful Wedding on a budget

June is the month for weddings. While I believe brides should always have their fairytail weddings there are ways that this can be done on the frugal end as well.

First try to find a beautiful place like in a friends backyard, a park or another public place that will allow you the beauty without having to pay for a church or a facility. My brother and sister in law were married in the park next to the water and a beautiful fountain was very pretty.

Look for dresses for the bride and bridesmaids on sale or locate a seamstress sometimes dresses can be made cheaper. My aunt had her dresses made by a family friend and had beautiful dresses at a discount while my daughter found all the dresses at a going out of business sale. Both ways worked and all dresses were beautiful.

One way to decorate is to use baloons or candles both of which can be found at discount prices. My daughter used candles that she found at the local dollar store very pretty and the wedding tables were adorned with matching flower runners that were found at great prices as well

Look for those who are great in the kitchen to help with the cake or food for the dinner. This may save money and make others feel welcomeas well.

Save on photography fees by buying disposable cameras and letting others take pictures of the wedding as they see it Often this is a great way because pictures may be captured that you other wise may not have seen. Guest often have great taste and want to share it.

If you are having a summer or spring wedding ask guest with beautiful gardens to bring a few cuttings these flowers placed in jars can help make wonderful decor and allow others to share off and feel pride.

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