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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Special Aloha Friday On Mothers Day Sunday

This is a special mothers day edition of that special Aloha Friday meme hosted by An Island Life. The reason it is so special is because the last few days I have taken the time to spend with many of my loved ones and again today I will be going to see a few others that I have often considered myself a second mother to and a second grandmother to his children. I have been given a chance to give the love that was shared with me by so many wonderful ladies,  mothers and grandmothers in my life time. It is my chance to share with them life lessons and love that goes with it.  The most rewarding part watching them grow up into the individuals they become. So today on this Mothers Day Sunday I share with you and Aloha Friday question

Are you a mother? If you are what are you doing today? What is your favorite part of being a mother?

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  1. I am a mother, and while I got to spend today with my son, I was disappointed that nobody tried to make my day "special" for me. My son is only 2 so I can't blame him. My husband went to see a movie (one I didn't want to see) without me. Then he waited till the last minute (being TODAY) to get my gift, which they were sold out of. He didn't even get me a CARD!

    It was a horrible day that I just sat down and cried at the end of. I'm actually looking forward to Monday.


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