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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kid Basix Review

Hot weather is in our neighborhood and it does not look like it will be going away any time soon. My little man and princess will be desiring a drink quite often and the best thing is I can offer them their own drink that will be easy for them to use. Kid Basix makes a wonderful safe sippy 2 that is perfect for hot summer days.

I admire the dust cup because if you are around little ones very much you realize that the cup they use are often sat on the ground, dragged with them onto the play toys and may even be thrown on the ground. The dust cap on the Safe Sippy 2 helps to protect dirt from getting onto the spout of the cup. Worried about the drink spilling upon travel and moving about no worry the safe sippy 2 has a travel plug that works great to keep the drink from spilling.

Kid Basix created the Safe Sippy cup with safety in mind making sure that it was Bisphenol A free as well as free of other harmful chemicals. We love this because with so many things out in the world that we have to worry about KidBasix makes it possible not to have to worry about their sippy cups.

The Safe Sporter is another Kid Basix product that in my opinion makes the world safer and easier for our youngest members.

With a mud cap a bit different than the dust cap as it is more round and ensures that nothing hits the spout. Instead of a spout that is complete like a nipple the safe sporter comes with a pull spout that goes up and down when ever the child is using it. Makes the child feel as if they have moved up a step allowing them in my opinion to gain more self esteem.

With hot weather on the horizon and like I said all ready in our neighborhood you should check out the Kid Basix safe sippy 2 to ensure that your child stays hydrated in the heat. Find a retailer of Kid Basix products near you or order online from the Kid Basix website and get free shipping when you purchase $50

we recieved both a safe sporter and a safe sippy 2 for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions shared in our post were ours alone

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  1. Those look neat! We're always looking for good "on the go" cups! Thanks for sharing!


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