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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easter Bunny Light

  • Bunny ears and bow set.
  • Bag of marbles, plastic crystals, anything you can put with lights.
  • 2 black flat marbles
  • 20 count light set
  • 2 big pom - pom's
  • 1 bright pink 1 inch pom
  • 1 square vase
  • 2 pipe cleaners cut into 1/3's
  • Hot glue gun
How to do it:
I had to do it twice because my lights looked funny. I put a layer of crystal pieces in the bottom and then 6 lights on top. Then I added about 2 inches of chrystals and another 6 lights, then another layer of chrystals and the rest of the lights. Then I stuck the bunny ears in then more chrystals. Glued on the poms, eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers. Added the bow and plugged it in! Yippeee! I love fun, fast and easy projects.....especially when I had all the stuff for it!

source Buckets of Spring

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