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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dishwasher for more than dishes

What have you used your dishwasher for? Yahoo shared a list of 10 ways to use your dishwasher a few of these surprised me

  1. dishes no surprise there
  2. glass globes from lamps
  3. wash your shower head this is a surprising one to me I hate to have the shower head clogged and not working properly
  4. plastic hair brushes, combs, clips and other hair accesories awesome idea wash them all at the same time
  5. baseball hats and visors this one I knew but most often will wash them in the washing machine
  6. plastic toys another one I was aware of love it for cleaning those baby teething toys making sure they are good and clean
  7. pet dishes and toys but if you are not sure that the toys will hold up you can use 1 cup bleach to 10 cup hot or warm water and let them sit for a bit
  8. wash those kitchen sponges
  9. salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls and other items such as this makes them look clean
  10. make up accesories, other personal items that need to be washed and will stand up in freezer

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