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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Barefoot Books Winner and Book Review

The winner of the Barefoot Books Giveaway is

Erin E said...

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How Big Is A Pig has become my grand-daughters favorite books. This is no small task because before she was ever born she was being read to while in her Mommy's womb and her mommy and I was collecting books. To be among her favorites the book must be a special one but then not every book is as cute as this one. Recommended for children 1 to 4 years of age the book is created for little hands to look at and admire many times over. The story is about an adventurous pig who travels the barnyard asking all sorts of barnyard animals a barrage of questions. Perhaps it is the wording in the book or the beauty of the pictures that my little Princess likes the best but whatever it is I know that she loves the rhyming, question and answer book that offers opposites and animals in a colorful farmyard setting.

The second book we had the pleasure of reviewing was the book Where's The Cat. Take one quick glance at the fun and colorful book cover and you will have a good idea of why Princess loves this board book. The cat can be found through out the book in many different places all of which are his favorites. This book is another great read for children with words that rhyme and a game of hide and seek. The book not only is great to read and look at the beautiful pictures but it also helps build a child's visual skills in a question- and - answer format. Princess loves to get involved in finding the cat and the thing her mom loves is that it helps to build her vocabulary skills because it uses familiar household places and items. Share this book with a child you love I am sure you will both have a great time reading a book together and I just love the bond I share with my children/grandchildren when we read

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