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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The ABC letter of the day is Q

The letter of the day at ABC Wednesday is .....

the letter Q

My husband grew up here in Southern Illinois in a small town by the name of Cave in Rock. In Cave In Rock there is a Spar Mine. I am not sure if you all know what Spar is but it can very often remind you of quartz rocks.

Another quaint fact is that my husband collected the full set of state quarters. This was a gift to our first born grandchild. They are kept in a book and when princess is old enough grandpa will sit down and share his quarter collection with her. The quantity of quarters were 50 but the fun or collecting was so much fun. This was something that my hubby shared with his mother as they both collected and in the next quince years he will share with his little princess several times over. All though the process of collecting these quarters sometimes got super funny when they would quibble over quarters that one had before the other. The best thing is that they each collected the full set and neither of them quit

A couple of other kids that did not quit are my two graduates. Answering questions for the past twelve + years they are no super proud to be finally graduating. Perhaps you have more great q words you could share you can do that quietly and quickly here