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Friday, February 12, 2010

Aloha Friday : Valentine Message

Aloha Friday hosted on them An Island Life happens each and every Friday as Friday is the start of the weekend those in Hawaii take it easy and so the Aloha Friday meme is where bloggers post simple questions that require simple answers. Play along at An Island Life

All though there was no school yesterday my son spent the day at school creating vallograms. Vallograms are little notes that are attached to a hug, kiss, or crush soda that the students had purchased and sell to their classmates. They are able to choose what they want to say or to select little common verses. This practice has went on for a very long time I can remember sending little "be mine" and "I Love You" notes when I was in high school.

My question for you is:
What message would you send to your valentine today? Would it be with a hug, kiss or crush?


  1. I'd send hugs to my little valentines (kids) and several kisses to my sweet DH. Cute idea, when we were in high school, students could send carnations to each other as part of a student council fundraiser.

  2. I'd send hugs...well...and candy of course :)

  3. For my valentine since we are married It's a kiss with hours of hugs

  4. Letters of appreciation of them just being apart of my family.

  5. Ma I love you :) She's the only valentine I have LOL :)

  6. - Visit us or die!


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