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Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu plan monday 6/6/09

This week we begin a new cycle and the meals will be as followed:


B- fruit, ham/biscuits, milk

L- leftover sandwiches from cookout, chips, salads, fruit, tea

S- shrimp, fish sticks, baked taters, salad, chocolate pudding, soda or choice of drink


B- scrambled eggs, fruit, milk

L- hot dog, chips, fruit, lemonade

S- potluck night or fend for self (want to use up all that is leftover)


B- fruit, breakfast burrito

L- fruit, corn dog, fries

S- homemade pizza, chips, cookies


B- fruit, scramble eggs, toast

L- chicken nuggets, tots, fruit

S- tacos, fixings, cinnamon rolls


B- fruit, Cinnamon rolls

L- chili dogs, fries, fruit salad

S- shepherds pie, salad, roll, ice cream


B- fruit, cereal, milk

L- ham/cheese, cottage cheese, chips, fruit

S- salad, chops, potato, cupcakes


B- at church

L-roast in crock pot, potato/gravy, ice box cake

S- leftovers

Want to see other menus or to list your own head over to the blog I'm An Organizing Junkie