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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love Bottle Giveaway

I would love to share a short story with all of you. My dad who was a wheeler and dealer and loved it that way earned the nickname "The Bottle Man". The reason for this is that through all of his trading and deals his love was for the old bottles. He could talk hours on hours about the great bottles that were available and made lots of money selling these old bottles that he would find in old pits, junkyards and along side the road. The Love Bottles although new and fresh resemble the old bottles of yesterday. Thus the freshness of these new bottles offer the old days vintage feeling.
The little Love Bottles are the reusable glass water bottles that you can write on. Have you ever drank cool water out of a glass cup? You know that the glass helps the water taste fresher and cooler than it normally would. In addition the chemicals and aluminum taste in many containers is not present in glass making it the perfect container. The great look of these Love Bottles with the ability to write an identity on the bottle makes the Love Bottle the perfect traveling bottles. Because the Love Bottle is reusable the amount of trash is cut down making it not only perfect for humans but also perfect for the earth.
The Love Bottle is made up partially of recycled glass. Once again showing a bit of love for the earth. Each bottle has the word love on it and is supercharged with the words. The Love Bottle Company was built primarily on love and the need to express it. The mission of the Love Bottle company was to spread love to others by helping to improve their health through a canvas for self expression that also helps the environment while getting refreshing water to those who need it. Statistics show that every person in the U.S. drinks at least one plastic water bottle a day. By using the Love Bottles instead of the plastic bottles 365 water bottles would be saved. What would that mean? First of all because you may use tap water to fill the Love Bottle you will save money in your pocket. Could you imagine saving $365 a year simply by replacing your plastic water bottles with the glass Love Bottle. As we passed the word of the Love Bottles to the ones we love we may find our selves cleaning the earth up one Love Bottle at a time.
For me the reason I love the Love Bottle is for sentimental reasons, personal reasons and financial reasons. I am sure that you would have your own reasons for trying the very cute preppy Love Bottles. If you want to show your love for someone then there is no better way than to show them you care through offering them a Love Bottle. The message sent would be one of (1) care for them, (2) care for earth and (3) care for financial well being. No better way to show love than through a Love Bottle.
Guess What!!!!!! One of Annies Home readers will be able to win a small Love Bottle and a bottle brush of their own. WOW!!!!! Here is how
You Must: visit the love bottle web site and let me know what small bottle you would want if you happened to win.
Extra Entries:
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Contest runs from today through April 26, 2009 Open to everyone. Email address must appear on comment or blog or will be tossed. Sorry.

Have fun and good luck