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Monday, July 9, 2018

Picking Blueberries

Blueberry season may be at hand and for others it may still be approaching. The trick to getting the best blueberries is to wait til they are ready. Blueberries are ready after they turn blue and easily fall off with no tugging. Picking season may occur any where from late May to mid August, all depending on the area that they grow in. Berries should be blue all the way. If blueberries are picked are still white or green they will not ripen further and not good to consume. Red or pink berries are not ripe but may ripen after picking when left at room temp. The true tip is to pick the grayish blue berries as they have fully ripened leaving them sweet.

The act of picking blueberries off the bush is to roll the berry off the stem into your hand using your thumb and finger.

Some other tips to picking include:

If you pick in an area or maybe a farm where there will be others present picking as well be sure to get a head start and go early

It's a good idea if possible to bring a step stool. Hiding right up above there are clusters of berries just out of your reach Go to the end of the bushes as well, some will move on to the next bush before the berries are all picked off The bigger berries are often more tastier

wear eye covering whether it be sunglasses or eyeglasses in order to protect your eyes from swining branches

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