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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Stay Positive

Having a good mood , carrying your self in a good manner can be a great mood booster. While others will enjoy your good mood you may feel better just by having it. Ability to reach goals is often done with a cheery disposition. In addition being in a good mood has been proven to help live a better fuller life with good mental and physical health.

Many are optimistic by nature. There are others that go through life like the character of Eeyore as well. The best thing one can do is act a bit optimistic if you are feeling a bit like Eeyore. Putting in time and energy to stay optimistic is truly worth it when you keep in mind that the future offers positive possibilities Being optimistic can help improve your health, your work experience and enhance your relationships.

A health analysis of 100,000 women completed at the University of Pittsburgh shows that optimists were likely to live longer. How about every day life ,,, can hope help you keep the cold away?? A study showing relationship between optimism and immune response. The study helped show that when individuals are optimistic they have a powerful weapon fighting off infection but when hope was gone the illness would more easily attack.

My advice to you is "Stay Positive"

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